Friday, August 27, 2010

The kitchen - the heart of the house

Latest trend in interior design is to build a common area for both dining and relaxation, the so-called open space kitchen.

What does this concept mean?

An open-space is where the transition from kitchen to dining area and relaxation area is naturally and there are no walls blocking the view from and to the kitchen.

The kitchen is directly related to the dining room, so that the two modules should be in the vicinity of each other or even to form a unit. Regarding the living room, it must take its place opposite from the kitchen, the connection between them being made by the dining room.

For a harmonious connection, but also functional, in arranging this space, there are some essential criteria that must be taken into account.

The open-space kitchen could be achieved both in very small spaces such as apartments, but also in specially designed houses, respecting the needs of owners.

If the space for both the kitchen and the dining room is small, then the solution is that the two form a unit through a kitchen peninsula, that serves also as a dining table.

If space is not a problem,
creating a kitchen island seems to be the right choice. This would be a good place for the kitchen sinks, stoves, or it can serve as extra counter space.

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